Writers ask writers: Where do you write?

Annabel Smith, Natasha Lester, Dawn Barker, Sara Foster, Amanda Curtin, Emma Chapman
Annabel Smith, Natasha Lester, Dawn Barker, Sara Foster, Amanda Curtin, Emma Chapman

This month, my writing group is asking the question, “Where do you write?”

I often see interviews with writers where they post pictures of beautiful writing spaces: battered old desks in a bright, airy cottage overlooking a lush garden with a cat curled up on an armchair, or a beautiful oak-panelled study with floor to ceiling bookshelves. I’m afraid my writing space isn’t as glamorous.

I do a lot of my writing in my local library. With young children, I have to treat my writing like a job, and I find I work much better if I get out of the house, away from distractions (washing, making cups of tea, weeding the garden, walking the dog…procrastination). If I have a babysitter, I head down to the library and get a few hours of solid writing done.

My desk...
My desk…

I don’t have a babysitter very often though, and then I have to write at home – either when the children have an afternoon nap, or at night when they’re in bed. I am lucky enough to have an office, and I try to keep it child-free although at the moment there’s a fairy doll and several crayons on my desk, and post-it notes and envelopes scribbled with highlighter pen are scattered all over the floor. It helps to have a dedicated writing space at home that I can associate purely with writing. Before I had an office, I’d write at the kitchen table, or with my laptop on my knees in bed, but I like the feeling now of entering a new physical and emotional space when I sit down at my desk.

I’ve seen where Natasha Lester writes, and it’s as beautiful as she describes in her post. Amanda Curtin has written in some  amazing places around the world, while Emma Chapman describes writing amidst packing for an international move, inspired by a quote from Hilary Mantel (that I think I will stick above my desk too).  Annabel Smith has written in spectacular Australian libraries, while Sara Foster is a nomdic author.




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