Good Weekend magazine: ‘Another Woman’s Child’

Good Weekend magazine: ‘Another Woman’s Child’


It was lovely to wake up here in Geraldton today (I’m still at the Big Sky festival), preparing to talk about Let Her Go, and see that an article I wrote about surrogacy is the cover story of Good Weekend magazine. If you’re on the east coast of Australia, you can get it with your weekend Sydney Morning Herald (and The Age I think!), or you can read it online here.

Although I put the story together, thanks to the three Australian women who shared their stories of being altruistic surrogates with me: it’s their story to tell. Thank-you, Linda Kirkman, Shannon Garner and Rachel Kunde.

2 thoughts on “Good Weekend magazine: ‘Another Woman’s Child’”

  • Beautiful article. What a good perspective. Surrogacy does not have to be full of legal problems, drama between all parties, abandoned children, surrogates being taken advantage of or a commercial transaction with no emotions involved. Surrogacy is about helping a couple have a baby and the stories in your article reflected this. We had our son through surrogacy in 2009 in USA, before the laws about surrogacy were passed in Australia. It was our best decision. We are filled with joy every day.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks so much for the comment and I’m glad that you enjoyed the article – with all the recent stories about commercial surrogacies, I was really interested in telling the stories of the amazing women who carry children for altruistic reasons. I’m so pleased to hear about your own son too.

      Thanks again,