Perth Writers Festival 2015

Perth Writers Festival 2015

Last night, I went to the launch of the 2015 Perth Writers Festival programme at the beautiful University of Western Australia. There are so many exciting writers taking part this year, and I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Liane Moriarty, Hilary Mantel and Elizabeth Gilbert, as well as discovering new books and authors.

Jane Seaton, Dawn Barker, Natasha Lester, Richard Rossiter, Sara Foster and Amanda Curtin
Jane Seaton, Dawn Barker, Natasha Lester, Richard Rossiter, Sara Foster and Amanda Curtin

I will be busy over the festival weekend: I’m talking in two sessions, chairing another two, and running a workshop so please do come and say hello if you see me! Here are the sessions I’ll be appearing in:

Friday 20th February, 2.30-3.30pm

How I Rescued My Brain

When David Roland found himself in an emergency ward with little idea of how he got there, doctors wondered if he had had a nervous breakdown. Eventually they discovered he had suffered a stroke, resulting in brain injury. He talks to Dawn Barker about his neurological difficulties and his remarkable cognitive recovery.

Saturday 21st February


How do you write the inner life of an imaginary person? And is this harder if the character has suffered trauma or their mind is deteriorating? John Darnielle and Emma Healy have created two intriguing characters in their new novels, join them in discussion with Dawn Barker.


Inspiration is a fickle mistress
Does inspiration hit in a burst or is it more of a slow burn? We ask writers Dawn Barker, Juliet Marillier and Georgina Penney what the starting point was for their new novels and whether their original idea became the finished book.

Sunday 22nd February


Workshop: Creating Authentic Characters


Case Studies

Some of the best thrillers are grounded in real life and two writers with a lot of material to work with are Dawn Barker and Anne Buist. They discuss with Ray Glickman how their day jobs as psychiatrists inform their fiction.

You can read the full programme here, and I’d love to see you there!