Fractured in Turkey

Fractured in Turkey

It’s been a long time between posts. There have been a few reasons for that, mainly because not much has been going on with my writing!

It’s been a busy year for me personally and professionally, and I’ve been back at work as well as trying to juggle family life with three children under 6, and spent a bit of time overseas. Next week, for the first time in almost seven years, my three children will be at full time school, so I’m determined to use the couple of days when I’m not at (psychiatric) work to set myself some goals and get back to writing.

That’s not to say that nothing has been happening in the last year.  I was tutoring Queensland Writers’ Centre’s Year of the Novel Online course. I finished a (very rough) first draft of a third novel and wrote a synopsis and chunk of a non-fiction book that is currently with my agent for revision. I’ve been busy preparing to chair a couple of session at this year’s Perth Writers Festival (more details soon). We sold Let Her Go to Poland (where Fractured was released in 2015) and Turkey, and only a couple of weeks ago, Fractured was published in Turkey as ‘Kirik dokuk’!

The Turkish cover for 'Fractured'
The Turkish cover for ‘Fractured’

I think I needed last year to settle after publishing two books in two years, and I definitely have the desire now to get back to writing. Once the children are settled in school and I catch up with readers and writers at Perth Writers Festival, I will be back to my desk!