Let Her Go

A powerful and haunting novel about family, motherhood and letting go


How far would you go to have a family? 

Confused and desperate, Zoe McAllister boards a ferry to Rottnest Island in the middle of winter holding a tiny baby close to her chest, terrified that her husband will find her or that her sister will call the police.

Years later, a teenage girl, Louise, is found on the island, unconscious and alone.
Flown out for urgent medical treatment, when she recovers she returns home and overhears her parents discussing her past and the choices that they’ve made. Their secrets, slowly revealed, will shatter more than one family and, for Louise, nothing will ever be the same again.

LET HER GO is a gripping, emotionally charged story of family, secrets and the complications of love. Part thriller, part mystery, it will stay with you long after you close the pages wondering… What would you have done?

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Praise for Let Her Go:

“Barker is adept in her exploration of the female psyche and the emotional intensity of this novel will have readers gripped from start to finish.” – The West Australian, 24th June 2014

“This book is gripping and gets the reader hooked after the first page. Its a psychological thriller and is unputdownable.” – Australian Independent Booksellers

“Mysterious and engrossing, the narrative questions the cost of motherhood and the ethical concerns it can raise. As Dawn delves into the darker side of the family psyche, Let Her Go will leave you questioning your own morals long after the final page has turned.” – Scoop magazine, July 2014

“Haunting…a powerful exploration of motherhood, secrets and lies.” – WHO magazine, July 2014

“Dawn uses her psychological expertise and experience to write compellingly about complexities of human relationships and mental health.” – Good Reading, July 2014

“Barker deals sensitively with each of her characters, showing all of the emotions they are respectively experiencing, without judgment. It would create great discussion so would be perfect for book clubs. There is no second book syndrome here. This is a great follow up for Barker. If you enjoy Caroline Overington or Jodi Picoult try these books.” – The Big Book Club (Book of the Month, October 2014)

“A tense family drama…Let Her Go is a genuine page turner…Barker’s novel can and should contribute to current national discussions about infertility, surrogacy, parenthood and the rights of the child.” Angela Savage, author and reviewer

“This is like Jodi Picoult with a soul, written not from a formula but from the heart.” – Emily Paull, bookseller (Bookcaffe, WA)

“an absorbing and thought-provoking novel…(written with) extraordinary sensitivity and compassion, acknowledging the complicated situation that extends beyond simple judgements…A compelling, poignant novel about motherhood, family, loss and love, Let Her Go is a story that is hard to let go of.” – Shellyrae Cusbert, Book’d Out

“the characterisations and psychological profiling are superb…The pace is fast, the action and drama intense and personal and yet so easily identifiable with situations in our own lives or the lives of people we know and love it breaks your heart.” – Reading, Writing and Riesling

“Powerful contemporary drama.” – Elizabeth Lhuede, creator of Australian Women Writers Challenge

“An engrossing and enjoyable read.” – Karen O’Brien Hall, Starts At Sixty

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