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More Than Us released in the UK

More Than Us released in the UK

It’s been a long time between posts, mainly because in the time between Let Her Go being released and now, I’ve been working hard to finish my third novel, More Than Us, while working almost full time and trying to manage my family. Somehow, I […]

Writers ask writers: What books changed your life?

This month, we are excited to share our group blog post with the first of our guest authors – Hannah Richell. Hannah has written two novels: The Secrets of the Tides, and her latest, The Shadow Year. I have read both of her books, and […]

ECT in literature

I have always been interested in how mental health is depicted in literature. Shakespeare was brilliant at it, and throughout the history of literature, psychiatric illness has provided rich material for novels and poetry. Some of my favourite novels have mental health as a major […]