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Top ten debut fiction titles of 2013.

Top ten debut fiction titles of 2013.

Earlier this week, I found out that Fractured had snuck into the top ten bestselling debut fiction titles of 2013 in Australia! The data was collected by Neilsen bookscan, the company who monitor book sales in Australia.  It was great news to hear as I […]

The end of the edit!

The end of the edit!

A few hours ago, I pressed ‘send’ and emailed the final(ish) edits of my second novel, Let Her Go, to my editor and publisher at Hachette. I’ve been working pretty intensely on them every day for the past two weeks, so I mainly feel relief […]

Writers ask writers: Tools of the Trade

For November’s “Writers Ask Writers” post, we are discussing our ‘tools of the trade’. We are joined by Angela Savage, an author I met recently at the Brisbane Writers Festival. Angela is a Melbourne-based crime writer, who has lived and travelled extensively in Asia. Her […]

Writers ask writers: Why Do You Write?

If I was to answer this question based simply on why I am writing right now, it’s because I have a looming deadline for delivery of my second novel to my publisher. Like many people, I find that I need some pressure make sure that […]

Writers ask writers: What books changed your life?

This month, we are excited to share our group blog post with the first of our guest authors – Hannah Richell. Hannah has written two novels: The Secrets of the Tides, and her latest, The Shadow Year. I have read both of her books, and […]

Writers ask writers: How do you maintain interest in your writing project when you’re discouraged?

Writing a novel is a long-term project. When I write, I have flurries of inspiration and enthusiasm – usually at the start of a project – when the ideas seem to come from everywhere, when I can’t type fast enough to keep up with the […]

Interview with author and psychiatrist Bulbul Bahuguna

I don’t know of many psychiatrists who, like me, also write, and so I’m thrilled to be interviewing Bulbul Bahuguna this week. Bulbul Bahuguna, M.D. is author of the novel, The Ghosts That Come Between Us. She is a psychiatrist with over 20 years of […]

Sydney Writers Festival highlights

I flew back yesterday from Sydney Writers Festival, and already it seems like it was months ago, as it seems so far removed from my normal life! I spoke at five events over four days, so it was a hectic week but I loved meeting […]

My second book…

I’m thrilled to announce that today, I have signed a contract with Hachette Australia for my second novel! This novel will be a completely new story, but will continue some of the same themes as Fractured, themes that dominate my life as a mum and […]

Writers ask writers: The Writing Process

Writers ask writers: The Writing Process

Writing is a solitary business, and being in Western Australia, it can seem even more isolated from the east-coast-centric Australian publishing industry. During the recent Perth Writers Festival, I met five other Perth-based female authors and we have formed a group to support each other. […]